Reconstructor, Moisture plus, Texturizing mist and Maxi Care are still in Production

About Us

In 1982, the birth of CINDRA marked a turning point in the world of pet grooming under the Philips Family.  As reports flooded in of unprecedented success – dogs achieving victories they'd only dreamed of – it became clear that CINDRA's revolutionary formulas were changing the game. Word-of-mouth became our primary advertising avenue, with enthusiastic owners spreading the word far and wide. Even prestigious publications like Sheltie Talk featured our products, unsolicited. As demand grew, Breeders, dog show enthusists, groomers and pet owners alike turned to CINDRA for superior results. 

Fast forward to the upheaval of 2020, where Covid's impacts on the world supply chain forced Cindra's closure in 2021, leaving a tangible void in the grooming community.

In 2023, We purchased Cindra from its original owners. Our Family operates a small sheep and goat farm in rural Nevada, known as Barking Bird Farms. moving the headquarters of Cindra from Minnesota to our farm in Nevada.  With our lifelong passion as a Breeder/Owner/Handler of Belgian Malinois under the Element Belgian's Prefix. With my experience of being a Professional Groomer for 25 years, we are dedicated to breathing new life into this iconic brand. Upholding quality and integrity is our top priority, which is why every step of Cindra's production process – from sourcing materials to manufacturing, testing, bottling, and shipping – is meticulously handled within the USA. As staunch supporters of small businesses, we actively champion them wherever possible. Furthermore, we are committed to providing personalized service and expert guidance, ensuring that every customer discovers the ideal solution for their pet's grooming needs.


We are available by mail, phone, FAX, and E-mail.