Texturizing mist and Maxi Care are still in Production

Alaskan Malamute


The Malamute has a thick, coarse guard coat, never long and soft. The under­­coat is dense, from one to two inches in depth, oily and woolly. The coarse guard coat varies in length as does the undercoat. The coat is relatively short to medium along the sides of the body, with the length of the coat increasing around the shoulders and neck, down the back, over the rump, and in the breeching and plume. Malamutes usually have a shorter and less dense coat during the summer months.




Lacking look of substance   Comb Sculpting Gel through leg hair.  Mist with water while combing.  

Soft Topline  Apply Sculpting Gel and mist with water while back brushing         

Extremely dense coat  Reconstructor  either at bath time following instructions or mix 2T in 1 cup water and  spray while line combing.

Detangling/Dematting  Apply full strength Moisture Plus liberally to the mat.  Wait 15 minutes.  Pull mat gently apart with fingers or comb.

Dry, damaged Coat Our version of a hot oil treatment:  Wet dog with warm water, apply Moisture Plus liberally.  Wrap in hot towel for 15-20 minutes.  Shampoo with Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse.

Dingy White Coat Use Cleansing Shampoo on the first lather, wait 5 minutes then rinse.  Follow with Texturizing Shampoo lather and rinse.

Increase Undercoat Line brush daily with Maxicare as soon as dog is finished shedding

Showing on a hot, dry day Use Maxicare as your only coat dressing

Long coats lacking Texturizing Mist (diluted 50:50 with water) while line combing.

Extra Volume  Super Coat (diluted 50-50 with water) while line brushing.  If very humid try Texturizing Mist Instead.

Shedding around house Spray with Maxicare and brush daily.  Be sure to get down to skin.  Nothing will prevent shedding completely.  It is a normal, necessary process for these breeds.