Texturizing mist and Maxi Care are still in Production

Australian Terrier



The outer coat of the Australian Terrier is harsh and straight; 2 1/2 inches all over the body except the tail, pasterns, rear legs from the hocks down, and the feet which are kept free of long hair. Hair on the ears is kept very short. The undercoat is short and soft. The neck and leg furnishings are softer than body coat. The neck is well furnished with hair, which forms a protective ruff blending into the apron. The forelegs are slightly feathered to the pasterns.  A topknot covers only the top of the skull is a finer and softer texture than the rest of the coat.


The Australian Terrier is spirited, alert, courageous, and self-confident, with the natural aggressiveness of a ratter and hedge hunter; as a companion, friendly and affectionate.







PROBLEM                                       SOLUTION


Soft Coat                                Mist with full strength Texturizing Mist and brush


Thin leg furnishings/feathers         Spray daily with Maxicare and brush


Chalk Helper                         Moisture Plus


Mustache and Eyebrows      Apply Sculpting Gel and comb into position


Dry, damaged Coat               Our version of a hot oil treatment:  Wet dog with warm water, apply Moisture Plus liberally.  Wrap in hot towel for 15-20 minutes.  Shampoo with Moisturizing Shampoo and rinse.