Texturizing mist and Maxi Care are still in Production

Grooming the Border Collie

COAT There are two varieties of Border Collie. Both have a soft, dense, weather resistant double coat. In puppies, the coat is short, soft, dense and water resistant, becoming the undercoat in adult dogs. The rough coat is medium to long, texture from flat to slightly wavy. Short and smooth coat on face. Forelegs feathered. Rear pasterns may have coat trimmed short. With advancing age, coats may become very wavy and are not faulted. The smooth coat is short over entire body. May have feathering on forelegs and fuller coat on chest.

CHARACTER The Border Collie is intelligent, alert and responsive. Affectionate towards friends, he may be sensibly reserved towards strangers and therefore makes an excellent watchdog. An intensive worker while herding, he is eager to learn and to please, and thrives on human companionship


RECONSTRUCTOR – Conditioner 
 Problem Solution 
Dry, Damaged Coat 
Increase Undercoat
Showing on a hot, dry day
Showing without full undercoat
Spot Whitening/Urine Stains
Extra Volume
Shedding around house